Chaplain Fr. Willie Doyle, Another Great Priest Who Died on the Battlefield

K.V. Turley, Catholic World Report: Some years back, while doing research in a monastery library, I came across a passing reference to a priest and soldier. It intrigued me. His biography, published in 1920, was cited; I made a note, and left it at that, or so I thought. Because, unexpectedly, months later, I found the biography, and late one night sat down to read. Full account is here.

  • GeneDe

    Chaplains have always been in the field to be with the troops. It made — or makes — little difference whether a war was just or unjust. This great priest gave his all to bring comfort to the wounded and dying, and died along side his men. His reward, I feel, is great in Heaven: for there is no greater love… Fr. Vincent Capodanno died exercising his priestly duties to those wounded on the battlefield in “my” war, September 1967, just three months before I arrived in-country.

  • Gregory

    Yes, the chaplains have always put themselves in harms way to serve the soldiers. They have not shirked their duty.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum are the politicians. They would never put themselves in such a position. But they are the ones who start the wars. They profit by the deaths of others.

    And these same politicians have been militating against the chaplain corps for several years, just as they have undermined religion whenever and however they could.