China: 60 Years Later and the Government’s ‘Catholic Patriotic Association’ Continues Its Oppression

AsiaNews: Although in a low key – perhaps because of talks with the Vatican – the slogan for an “autonomous” and “independent” Church (from the Holy See) is completely subjugated to Party politics. Official bishops die like “state officials” far from the faithful. The Party forces its members to atheism. There are few  “witnesses” among official bishops and many  “opportunists”. Report is here.

  • pete salveinini

    It is astonishing that the Vatican has not learned, as any one with common sense can tell you, the foolishness of the Church dialogue-ing with communist governments as a PRIMARY lesson about totalitarian Communist regimes..
    The Holy Father repeated the same mistake Pope Paul VI made with Soviet Hungary and before that what Pope John XXIII did in the secret meeting in Metz in order to invite Russian Orth. observers to Vat II. The Commies always get the better of the deal (nota bene.: at Metz the Church conceded to never condemn communism, NOR TO CRITICIZE ANY COMMUNIST COUNTRY, and what did they get in return?. Only two observers came to Vat II BUT IT WAS IN THE VERY LAST SESSION AND ONLY IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS !!). St JPII new better.!
    Naïve optimism! Did they not learn ANYTHING FROM THIS LONG HISTORY OF TYRANNY?!

    Failure to listen to Cardinal Zen was astounding imprudence: Such an attempt by the Vatican to make a diplomatic deal with China on the appointment of bishops only made it MORE POSSIBLE FOR THE COMMIES TO GO AFTER THE UNDERGROUND CHURCH AND INCREASE THEIR DIABOLICAL POLICY TO ELIMINATE CHRISTIANITY. For those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat its errors.
    I wonder if Pope Francis has really learned from this fiasco. (Well, Bl. Maria Taigi, almost 200yrs ago prophesied that Russia, China and England would be miraculously converted, so we know God’s in charge anyway but what it will cost the underground (true Catholic Church) is a very heavy trial.