China: Underground Bishop Taken From Mass for ‘Re-education’ Classes

Catholic Culture: Chinese officials have taken an ‘underground’ Catholic bishop into custody, just before he was due to celebrate the Chrism Mass for the first time in his diocese.

Bishop Vincent Guo Xijn on Mindon, in the Fujian province, was taken from his diocese for what the local religious-affairs bureau said was a “learning class” that would last for 20 days. More on this here with link.

  • Mona Lisa

    “Learning class!” We know what that means.T-o-r-t-u-*-e. God have mercy.

  • Audrey

    Why does Pope Francis say in writing to the delegation from China that visited the Vatican last year say among other shocking things that,”China is the country other countries imulate”?!?!?! Yes! This poor bishop is being tortured 😖!!!!!! God help him!

  • Babs Byrne

    Because PF admires communists and their awful hatred of Catholicism. He told us Catholics to stop harping on about abortion and refuses to mention the truly appalling 500 million babies aborted, both pre-natal and born those alive who go straight into a bucket of water to drown in China. Nothing about their human rights violations and oppression of the poor that he harangues and accuses Catholics about day in and day out. I have come to expect this now but I will never, ever accept it.

  • Babs Byrne

    We must support this wonderful, courageous Bishop with Rosaries and acts of self-sacrifice . Let’s storm Heaven for him. Our Lady of Fatima help him.