Chris Christie Appoints Practicing Homosexual Same Sex Marriage Activist to Jersey Supreme Court

The American Catholic: The great conservative hope, at least according to the likes of Ann Coulter, recently appointed a gentleman named Bruce Harris to the New Jersey Supreme Court.  Harris is openly gay –  a point that Christie made sure to highlight when he introduced Harris as his nominee.  Unsurprisingly Harris is a supporter of gay marriage, and has been very vocal on this issue.   Blogger Paul Mulshine reprints an email that Harris sent to Republican legislators in the state: Find it here.

  • Convservative2012

    He’s gay…so what?

  • GeneDe

     He (and you?) denies the Natural Law, that’s what.

  • Gregory

    At the risk of repeating myself, I wish to point out that there is an inordinate number of homosexuals in politics and the media. Anywhere they can promote their perverse lifestyle.

  • schmenz

    You are mistaken, sir. He is not gay. He is queer.