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  • Muellerite

    You guys should put stuff on youtube and offer some talks (regarding the Dogma “extra ecclesiam nulla salus”) for free. I’m sorry but casual inquirers are not going to pay 3-5 bucks for a MP3 download, and it is more likely that someone will listen to an MP3 than to read the articles on the site regarding EENS.

  • Muellerite

    Another humble suggestion. Get someone to video-tape your talks on your tours and post them on Google Video.
    ( and then embed the HTML on

    That way, more than just the 50-100 (I assume) people that come to your talks in different localities can benefit from your talks.

  • Thank you, Muellerite, for your suggestions. They are worth considering.

  • Jaynee

    I would lik to know where you got that copy of the ‘Last Supper’ by Phillipe de Champaigne!
    I have a copy of it in abible I was given when I was chistened and would lik a coy of it for myself.

    If you are able to send me details of where I might get a copy, it would be gratefully appreciated.