Drop the Movie Reviews, Your Excellency

And, no, God does not “love mother nature” as you put it in your review. He loves mankind. All of non-rational creation was made for man, to serve man, to lead man to know the wisdom, goodness, and beauty of the Creator through His creation. It is for that reason that God refers to creation as “very good.” With this review of a worthless film, Your Excellency — no matter the sorry attempt (intentional or not I don’t know) of its producers to color it as somehow biblically allegorical — you encourage the curiosity of clueless Catholics to see the piece of trash. In looking up its rating, which is, as I suspected, “R for strong disturbing violent content, some sexuality, nudity and language,” writer/director, Darren Aronofsky, bragged about its “F” rating (F is for Flop) saying “I wanted to howl and this is my howl.”

CNA, Bishop Barron: Darren Aronofsky’s latest film “Mother!” has certainly stirred up a storm, and no wonder. It features murder, point-blank executions, incinerations, and the killing and devouring of a child. I know: pleasant evening at the movies. “Mother!” will seem just deeply weird unless you see it as a fairly straightforward allegory. Once you crack the code, it will make a certain sense, though the message it is trying to convey is, at best, pretty ambiguous. More here.

  • Eleonore

    This bishop sounds as goofy as the movie is disgusting. Not the kind of bishop the church needs in our times.

  • Yes, Eleonore. “Goofy” is right on.

  • Carl Phillips

    I think Bishop Barron should switch from reviewing movies to saving souls. The trouble is, he now is a devotee of Urs Von Balthasar, and seems to find it unnecessary to save souls, which gives him too much time on his hands. Another prelate who has forgotten his job description. Besides, I think he overthought the whole movie, and just plain did a bad review.