Duke BBall Coach Carries Mom’s Rosary in Shirt Pocket During Every Game

Well, Mike Krzyzewski won his fourth NCAA title this past Monday.  Easter Monday is the official day for having the title game concluding March Madness. It’s also the official opening day for Major League baseball. This year the Yankees and Red Sox broke the tradition by having opening day Easter Sunday with a night game. All other Major League teams opened their season Monday. Saint Anthony Messenger magazine did a story on Krzyzewski in 2006.

Saint Anthony Messenger: WHEN MOST PEOPLE hear the name Mike Krzyzewski (pronounced Sha-SHEF-ski), they immediately think of basketball, and with good reason. He has coached Duke University’s men’s basketball team for the past 26 years. His teams have won three national titles and made 10 Final Four appearances in the NCAA tournament. He has been named Coach of the Year 12 times. Read full article here.