Evangelical Zionists Work to Bring on Armageddon and the Rapture

Pope Saint Pius X told Theodore Hertzl, founder of Zionism, that the Catholic Church would not recognize the establishment a Jewish State in Palestine because the Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messias, the Christ. Contrariwise, before becoming Pope Pius XII, Msgr. Eugenio Pacelli urged German Catholics, in the year 1926, to support a Jewish homeland in Palestine. (See today’s Catholic Culture post here.)

With the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, the mid-east has known no peace. Israel’s acts of terrorism (even against the US navy) have led to three million Palestinians, Christians and Moslems, fleeing their homeland as refugees. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese Christians have also fled from Moslem and Israeli terror over the past two decades.

Closer to our own time, mostly Baptist and Pentecostal evangelicals have lost all balance in taking a fanatical stand for Israel. The plight of the Christians in the Holy Land and in Lebanon mean nothing to them. They are hawking for immediate war against Israel’s enemies, so that, with the defeat of the Arabs (and now the Iranian Persians), Christ will come again and take them in a rapture to heaven without death. So, bombs away, bring on Armageddon — “Israel’s enemies are God’s enemies.” (With 300 nuclear warheads Israel is no David vs Goliath.) With the Christian Zionists, it’s as if there was no first coming of Christ, and His own race, the Jews, are still the chosen, even though they deny Him.

We Catholics have so much to be thankful for. And one thing more we can be thankful for is that we are not Christian Zionists, but members of the Mystical Body of Christ, docile to the teaching of His Church.

World News MSNBC: Thousands of miles from their home in Seymour, Tenn., Scott and Theresa Johnson host Shabbat dinners in their Jerusalem apartment every Friday night for “lone soldiers” — as the young men and women who travel from foreign countries to serve in the Israeli army are known. Full article is here.

  • Catholicism Invented the Rapture? C’mon!

    Many web
    sites claim that a 16th century Jesuit Catholic priest named Francisco
    Ribera taught an early form of the famous evangelical “rapture” that
    reportedly precedes and is disconnected from the final Second Coming.

    To see the actual thrust of this claim, Google “Francisco Ribera taught
    a rapture 45 days before the end of Antichrist’s future reign.”

    But no one ever quotes even one sentence from Ribera’s monumental
    commentary on the Book of Revelation which is said to be the source of
    the 45-day rapture claim !!
    Claimants are challenged to
    produce Ribera’s own words on this matter. If they cannot, their names
    should be blazoned on the web as hysterical historians! (BTW, no other
    Catholic leader, including Jesuit priest Manuel Lacunza, has ever taught
    a prior rapture.)
    Curious about the real beginnings of the same
    mystical “fly-away” belief (a.k.a. the “pre-tribulation rapture”) that
    has captivated many evangelical leaders including Darby, Scofield,
    Lindsey, Falwell, LaHaye, and Hagee?
    Google “Pretrib Rapture
    Diehards,” “X-Raying Margaret,” “Edward Irving is Unnerving,” “The
    Unoriginal John Darby,” “The Real Manuel Lacunza,” “Roots of Warlike
    Christian Zionism,” “Pretrib Rapture Politics,” “America’s Pretrib
    Rapture Traffickers,” “Pretrib Hypocrisy” (rapture promoters are
    strongly anti-Catholic), and “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” (would you buy
    a used car from these pseudo-scholars?).

  • ApocalypseAngel.com

    Sorry Jewish Religion, Christ’s Kingdom Come of Zion, is the Catholic Church. When God gathers Israel home, it will be through the merciful gates of Baptism and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. When Israel’s Messiah, who is Jesus, comes to Rule the world, He will Rule with and through His Apostles who are Catholic Clergy.

    The Big Event, an event only topped by Christ’s birth, death and resurrection, is Christ’s enthronement as King and Ruler of the world. The Book of Revelation, along with all the Old Testament apocalyptic books, are all about Jesus’ enthronement as King and Ruler of the world. Jesus is not King and Ruler of the world until His subjects, Apostolic Successors/Angels of the Apocalypse, put Christ’s Laws into enforcement over the whole earth. This is done at our future Battle of Armageddon. The weapon of a Combat Angel is Church anathema. Anathema is Apostolic Successors Christ given power to call upon Jesus to bind evildoers to their sins and thus chains evildoers in hell. Satan is a symbolic figure which represents man’s evil pride, in unrepentant sin, on earth. When the seventh trumpet of Armageddon blows, at the Vatican, when the scroll of anathemas has been read, and Christ’s Laws are firmly in place over all the earth, Jesus is crowned as King and Ruler of the world. With Jesus a descendant of King David Ruling the world, Israel is restored and Zion aka ’Thy Kingdom Come’ is Born. With Catholic Clergy holding the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, the sword of Christ’s mouth, anathema, chaining the wicked in hell and the Sacrament of Reconciliation which allows the repentant through the merciful gates of Zion, it is the Catholic Church which will metamorphous into Christ’s Kingdom Come upon Christ’s enthronement as King and Ruler of the world, upon the Battle of Armageddon. Archangel Michael will be here because He is the guy who is renown for defeating Satan and enthroning Jesus as King and Ruler of the world. The ‘Third Secret of Fatima’, when deciphered, has announced the near future enthronement of Jesus as King and Ruler of the world. Pope Benedict XVI has confirmed that we are well on the way to fulfilling Apostolic Successor/Angels of the Apocalypse, requirements for Christ’s enthronement to occur.

    Hallelujah! Let our New Born King, Jesus Christ, Rule the world! This great event is what the world has been longing for.

    Please visit: ApocalypseAngel.com