Why Was Excommunication Lifted Against Catholics Joining Masonry in the New Code of Canon Law?

1Peter5, Father Paolo M. Siano: From October 20 – 29, 1981, the Plenary Congregation of the Pontifical Commission for the Revision of the Code of Canon Law met in the Vatican to discuss and vote on the renewal of canon 2335 of the 1917 Code of Canon Law which conferred excommunication on Catholics enrolled in Freemasonry or other sects which conspired against the Church and against the State. This canon was ultimately not renewed in the new 1983 Code of Canon Law. More here.

  • Carl Phillips

    Thanks, Brian, I didn’t know this. One more example of the problems in the church today. And the masonic influence

  • Faith of Our Fathers

    I also was Ignorant of this Abomination. Our Faith is Polluted by these complete Pagan Sects. As far as am concerned ( and God ) .Your either a Freemason or a Catholic. The 2 certainly don’t mix .Nor ever will .

  • Frank Smith

    This shows how much influence the Masons have in the modern Church. Cannon Law or not, you cannot serve two masters; it is either God or Lucifer who is your master, free will means the choice is yours. As for me, I was raised believing you could not be a Catholic or a Mason and will hold to that belief, Masonic infiltration of the Church or not…