Four-Part Radio Series: The Warnings of Fatima Are Here

Cross posting from Veritas Radio Network site…

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church begins a 4 part series looking into the Miracle of The Sun and the events that preceded them in Fatima Portugal. Mike will be joined by Christopher Ferrara. In testimony to EU in 2012 Chris Ferrara stated the following:

“And we are here today to ask that this body consider endorsing the motion to petition the Pope whose obligation it is to perform the ceremony together with all the Catholic bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Message of Fatima is not just some private apparition. We have not only the Miracle of the Sun, but the approval of one Pope after another, who have attested to the authenticity of this message.

And what will happen if the Consecration of Russia is not accomplished? Well, if the errors of Russia that have spread throughout the world since 1917 can be summed up as the abandonment of God and His love; if, as John Paul II said in his apostolic exhortation in 2003, Ecclesia in Europa – Europe now suffers from a silent apostasy – then the miraculous result which will follow from this consecration will be a reversal of that situation.”

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