From a Freemason: High Praise for Our Apostolate

I have had some correspondences with a Freemason. Let’s call him “Roy.” He is not, at present, interested in the Faith, as his letter makes clear. Let’s pray for him to change, which is what “conversion” ultimately means. Meantime, his written request to be removed from our mailing list will serve as an encouragement that our message is clear:

To Whom it May Concern:

I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to please take my name off your mailing list for “Mancipia” an any other of your publications.

Although I am a Freemason, I will say one thing for you people, and that is you are not at all hypocritical about our primary goal which you state as being: “We Want To Make America a Catholic Nation.” This is very clear, as are Catholic beliefs and doctrines, which as you know I don’t agree with. However, like it or not, your mission is crystal clear, which is far more than I can ever say for our stupid, arrogant politicians (both Republicans and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives, Catholics and Protestants etc.) who have no plan or mission, and still continue to bombard us on a daily basis with all of their utterly contradictory hogwash, claptrap, bum wad, and drivel.

Good luck. Again, please take me off your list.

Thank you.

  • Daniel

    We SHOULD sincerely pray for this man, as it seems clear he is searching for truth in the wrong places. Let’s hope that he has gained enough from whatever he has read of past issues of the newsletter and this site to lead to his conversion. If not a full Rosary, at least three Ave’s for his conversion.

  • Justin

    People respect it when you give them the straight truth about things. One thing that has often saved my faith in the Catholic Church when I have been so racked by despair over the scandals and about to become Orthodox (there is a very reverent no nonsense Greek monastery only 15 minutes away that makes Novus Ordo Catholicism look as foolish as it is) has been your website and your insistence that the Church has always taught that there is no salvation outside of her.

    The Orthodox for all their beautiful liturgies, vestments, clouds of incense and conservatism in matters religious do not teach that one must become Orthodox to save ones soul. Only the Catholic Church has the audacity to proclaim \extra ecclesiam nulla salus\ and only the Saint Benedict Center has the audacity to continue to proclaim it even when it seems like most of the Church has denied it. It has been your apostolate and willingness to tell the truth about salvation without sugar coating it that helps me stay where I am. I now hope and pray that your Masonic pen pal will be granted the grace to not only be inspired by the truths you proclaim but to act on them and enter the Church.

  • ED

    Lets pray he finds the Catholic Faith, because guys like him when converted to THE TRUTH OF THE AGES really have zeal!!

  • We shall most certainly lift up this man in prayers for conversatio morum in the name of Jesus. I have found that when they take the time to compliment someone on their sincerity, even if they disagree, then the Holy Spirit is already tilling the ground of the heart in a soul such as this.