German Bishops Putting Pope on the Spot Over Allowing Divorced and Remarried to Communion

UCANews: Church officials in Germany have defended plans by the country’s bishops’ conference to allow some divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion, insisting they have the Pope’s endorsement.

Robert Eberle, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Freiburg: “We already have our own guidelines, and the Pope has now clearly signaled that certain things can be decided locally.

“We’re not the only archdiocese seeking helpful solutions to this problem, and we’ve had positive reactions from other dioceses in Germany and abroad, assuring us they already practice what’s written in our guidelines.” More on this here.

  • GeneDe

    Me thinks the stench of schism is in the air. An understatement, I know.

  • Francis Rocks

    Oh-oh, a progressive, all inclusive, non-judgemental, ready for change, 21st century Pope!! Methinks this website won’t be able to handle it!!

  • GeneDe

    They say that the Church must change and be brought up to date. It must accept and adopt the spirit of the age (paraphrasing).

    Who said that?

    St. Anthony the Abbot; FOURTH CENTURY.