Hilary Clinton Rally at Eerie PA Catholic College Causes Bishop to Cancel Appearance

Pro-Life Group Plans Demonstration

By John-Henry Westen

ERIE, PA, March 31, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Hillary Clinton is going to hold a campaign rally at Mercyhurst College tomorrow, Tuesday, April 1, 2008.  The Catholic College boasts of the pro-abortion Senator and Presidential candidate’s appearance on its web page. LifeSiteNews.com has also learned that Erie Bishop Donald W. Trautman has cancelled his scheduled appearance at the upcoming Mercyhurst graduation ceremony in protest.

Tim Broderick of the pro-life group People for Life is urging “all pro-life people to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to be at Mercyhurst for a pro-life informational demonstration from 5:30 PM until 7:30 PM, Tuesday — rain or shine.”  Broderick is urging pro-life individuals who are unable to attend to contact the university with their concerns.

University President Thomas Gamble permitted the Clinton appearance despite a directive from the United States Conference of Bishops which specifically forbids pro-abortion politicians from such engagements.

Broderick told LifeSiteNews.com that Clinton’s appearance at the Catholic institution would “mislead the general public about Hillary and Bill Clinton’s extreme commitment to actively promoting abortion in America and around the world.”  Moreover, he said that it would “mislead the public in general and Catholics in particular about the Catholic Church’s very cogent recognition that abortion is precisely the murder of an innocent human being, and that establishing legal protection for the unborn is a matter of tremendous urgency.”

Demonstrators are being asked to meet at the Parade Blvd. entrance to the Mercyhurst Campus.  Broderick will be on hand with picket signs from 4 PM.

“We are hoping the Erie Catholic Diocese will be able to force a cancellation of this event,” said Broderick.