Home for Sale Near Saint Benedict Center

The home detailed below is just down the road from Saint Benedict Center.

Spacious and open-concept 3,899 square foot, four-bedroom, three-bath Gambrel home. Located on 28 acres with fields, apple trees, walking trails and a babbling brook at the base of a peaceful dead end road. If the gleaming pine floors, vintage 9′ x 28′ front covered porch, industrial cook range, vast family room with a gorgeous brick fireplace and living room with a wood stove has yet to catch your attention… then maybe the partially heated 2.5-story 35′ x 36′ barn with five open bays, an enclosed workshop and retired recording studio just may. There are two other outbuildings perfect for a greenhouse and/or small farm animals included with the sale of the main home. A separate 18.8 acre parcel across the street with a swimming pond is also available for purchase.

Read more at Zillow.com.

Address and map:

180 Fay Martin Rd,
Richmond, NH 03470

  • JB M

    If I am going to part with $375K, it’s not going to be in the pursuit of this property. I looked at the Zillow listing, and that’s an ugly house. I’d rather build from scratch.

  • Roman Lance

    For 28 acres, an outbuilding, and a roomy home, I would consider it a decent purchase. Out here on the west coast that kind of building and accompanying land would be far more expensive.

    So if somebody knows of a high paying Accounting Manager or Treasurer position available in the area with a company that would pay relocation fees and move my family of 9 from WA to NH I might consider it.



  • If I hear anything, I’ll let you know, Roman.

  • Roman Lance

    Thanks, Brother.

    It would indeed be a dream. Especially, with a Catholic community so close at hand.

    I recently discovered that where I live there is a large contingent of freemasons. That could explain why I have such a hard time securing contract work on my property. I don’t know how many people I’ve called to bid on a job only to have them walk away and never contact me after they have seen my house. (Lots of Catholic iconography around.)

    I’m not positive that’s why they never returned, could be the job was not big enough or the drive was too far (we live way out in the country). Still. I wonder.

    Do any other Catholics have this problem in areas that are high in masonic influence?