How Can One Receive Communion Who Refuses to Become a Catholic?

This is the ultimate in false ecumenism. The Eucharist is the Flesh and Blood of the God/Man; it is the sign of true charity, of union with the Savior. How can one deny the Church of Christ and dare to approach Him in Holy Communion? That Faith is integral. One cannot have divine and Catholic Faith if one denies any article of the Faith. God help those priests and those in the higher hierarchy who refuse to challenge non-Catholics to come into the Church in order to receive Our Lord worthily.

Catholic Herald: Pope Francis has suggested a Lutheran spouse of a Catholic should “talk to the Lord” in discerning whether or not to receive Holy Communion with her husband. Francis made the remark during a Q&A at a visit to Rome’s Evangelical Lutheran church on Sunday. Read more here.

  • Thomas Donnelly

    It is clear from their words and actions that the pope and many (if not all) of the most influential cardinals and bishops are devoid of the Catholic Faith. They quite simply do not believe that the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Our Lord. Since in their minds the Eucharist is only symbolic, they naturally perceive no need to erect barriers to Its reception. Indeed, to do so would be to act uncharitably toward those who are currently prevented from receiving the Eucharist.
    What we are witnessing is the logical outcome of the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’, and could have been predicted in December of 1969, when the New Order of Mass was introduced.

  • alex ca

    they are what you called heretics and they must be with the church percept if not they will go directly to hell…….they think that catholic church are joking…..