How to Ruin a Good Catholic School

“Thanks, but your services are no longer needed. ”  Or, words to that effect.  Here’s a parish school with a devout Catholic principal, loyal to the Faith and the magisterium, who after twenty-five years of excellent service, is given his walking papers. Behind the scenes something very sinister is going on at the Church of St. Saviour in Brooklyn, New York.  Read this report from CNA and you will see how a pastor destroys a school.  Never mind the parents and the children, the non-inclusive principal must be gotten rid of.  I am sickened by this story.  May the tough and faithful Brooklynites succeed in stopping this outrageous injustice.

CNA reports: Brooklyn, N.Y., Jul 29, 2009 / 10:54 am (CNA).- Fr. Daniel Murphy’s decision to replace a Brooklyn school’s long-time principal has infuriated parishioners who not only believe he was unjustly let go, but are also concerned that under new leadership, the school will be converted into a charter school.

Furious parishioners at the Church of St. Saviour in Brooklyn, New York told CNA that they began to think something was amiss last April when the parish’s pastor, Father Daniel Murphy, decided not to renew James Flanagan’s contract and replaced him with pastoral parish council member, Maura Lorenzen.  Read full CNA article here.

  • Current Parent of 3 at St. Saviour

    Dear Mr. Kelly,
    Thanks for your supportive words. We may be tough and faithful, but I’m starting to worry that we may never see justice done. We have a lot of fight left in us and your piece gives us a much needed morale boost.

  • John

    Hi Mr. Kelly,

    Unfortunately the problems at Saint Saviour Parish have now gone beyond the unjust firing of a dedicated Catholic educator who, at the age of 62 is now without a job and with his health insurance and pension in limbo. Instead, it has now become a battle of parishioner vs. parishioner, with Father Murphy and his inner circle, several of who are outspoken VOTF members, who push for the development of a “new church” against many others who seek like our traditional catholic parish as it was before Father Murphy was appointed in 2004. So much for the Shepherd leading his entire flock. Although it may seem minor, please visit the attached link to understand the battle we are facing for our beloved Saint Saviour Parish.


    John Herbert