Huge Salaries for 17 Lay Employees of Boston Archdiocese

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Never understood this. The Church is the Body of Christ the poor Man who warned how difficult it was for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. I assume these employees are Catholic. Making from $150,000 to $360,000 a year, no matter how talented you are, does not seem right at any time, never mind today with schools and churches closing and so many layoffs. Yes, diocesan spokesmen will defend it. How sad.

Catholic Culture: Amid parish closures and dramatic cuts in the number of chancery staff, the number of lay employees of the Archdiocese of Boston who earned more than $150,000 a year increased from five in 2006 to 17 in 2011. Despite the elimination of 50 positions, payroll costs increased from $8.3 million to $9.2 million. More here.

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