Joint Document: Lutherans and Catholics to Celebrate ‘Reformation’ Together

UCANews: Lutherans and Catholics have pledged to celebrate together the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in 2017, with both sides agreeing to set aside centuries of hostility and prejudice.

The Vatican and the Lutheran World Federation released a joint document, “From Conflict to Communion,” in Geneva on Monday (June 17) that said there’s little purpose in dredging up centuries-old conflicts. More on this here.

  • schmenz

    Isn’t it interesting that there are so few comments about this as yet? In saner times men with torches and pitchforks would be marching to Rome right now. This kind of nonsense has lost its shock value for today’s Catholics who expect little to nothing sensible to come from Rome (and are rarely disappointed).

    As usual, a few mildly encouraging words from Vatican on this or that…which are followed by seriously bad actions like this.