Kardinal Marx Leads His National Church More and More into Schism

Well, that was predictable: German Cardinal Reinhard Marx supports Kasper proposal at Synod.

Never trust the “theologies of the genitive.” They all stink. Here we have the latest frontier: “The Theology of Luv.”

With particular references to the Second Vatican Council, Marx claimed that a “new path” was found regarding sexual ethics. As a result, according to Marx, sexuality should not be reduced to the mere aspect of having children. Right after this claim, he postulated: “The duty [sic] of this Synod of Bishops is now to deepen and to further develop – in view of the current challenges to the pastoral care of marriages and of families – this Theology of Love, with respect to the [marital] Bond itself, which the Council has established in its foundations, but which has not yet found its fuller realization in Canon Law.”

The sodomite-favoring Synod “fathers” will no doubt find in their confederate’s invitation “to further develop — in view of the current challenges to the pastoral care of marriages and of families — this Theology of Love” a queue to equate unnatural acts of mutual pollution with the marital act that is so closely bound to the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

Call me hysterical, but if that’s not what they’re up to, just how far does that infinitive-splitting “further” take us?

Cardinal Marx invites you!
It’s exciting and new: a fully developed “Theology of Luv”!

  • Brian Kelly

    Thank you, Philosopher and diligent “fruit inspector.” The note on the
    “split infinitive” in indicative of a coming de facto schism, even if the de facto schism is left unpronounced.

  • Mongoshorse

    The peste of homosexual priests within the Church has metastasized throughout the body. All homosexual priests, bishops and cardinals need to be given the boot. Period. These selfish creatures are a malodorous oozing sore.