Kicker for Carolina Panthers Brought Back to Faith and Bringing in Others

National Catholic Register, Interview with Trent Beattie: I like to pray the Rosary, which helps to make me aware of the people closest to me and how I can be present in their lives. Being a college athlete can easily make you think life is all about you, but through the Rosary, the Blessed Mother shows me ways I can help other people. I would pray the Rosary in the center’s chapel, and then opportunities I had missed to impact others were pointed out to me.

Our natural mothers point out things that we miss, and they have a deep concern for us. Mary takes this to a new level and, as our spiritual mother, always wants us to be united with the work of her Son. I find this particularly special in regard to men. Men are supposed to protect women, so when a woman (Mary) is protecting a man (like me), it’s like a mother protecting her little son. When a man prays the Rosary, he’s humbling himself and becoming like a little child, just as Christ said we all have to be in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. Little children are always around their mothers, and the same is true spiritually. Full interview is here.