‘Kristin Lavransdatter’ a Catholic Trilogy: How to Die in Christ

Tyler Branski, Crisis: Those who have read Kristin Lavransdatter, the epic trilogy by Catholic convert and Norwegian Nobel Prize winner Sigrid Undset, have read it at least twice. This formidable tale of farming and holy pilgrimages and family in the shadow of white-peaked mountains hurtles the reader into all the pain and love and last rites of death—death, and the hope of glory. Kristin Lavransdatter shoves a poker into the cold embers of our hearts, every page dry kindling, every chapter a gust of wind, until the flames are hot with the conviction that to die Catholic is to die in the bosom of God. Read more here.

  • GeneDe

    This is a most ardent reflection of what death is to a Catholic. That is, if one is granted the time. What of sudden death, as the article mentions? When there is no time, how can one be prepared for that last moment on earth? The “secret” is to be prepared always; stay in a state of grace; love thy neighbor as thyself, and pray always and unceasingly. I fear for my brothers in uniform that have died suddenly on the battlefield; I pray for my veteran brothers daily…