Listen to Reconquest for Free

It is possible to listen to Reconquest for free if you click here to listen to a low bandwidth version when the show is on. New shows premiere every Wednesday night at 8:00 EST. For other Reconquest time slots, see the programming schedule here.

Here are other options for listening:

  • To listen ON-DEMAND or to DOWNLOAD the show, you will need to have a VRN membership. This will also give you  on-demand and download access all the other quality programming on the Veritas Radio Network.
  • Having the membership will also allow you listen to mine and all the other shows in high-quality audio.
  • Once you have a membership, you can download all my Reconquest shows here, just like a podcast.
  • Non-members may go to individual show pages (linked here, and from the sidebar in the Reconquest site) and click on the green button that says “$.99 Download.” That will get you the entire show, all three segments, for $.99.
  • The first nineteen shows that are linked from the sidebar on are available in their entirety for free. This is in streaming audio, not to download.

And thank you to all loyal listeners who have made my show the second most downloaded Crusade Channel show after the channel’s flagship Mike Church Show!