Luther: Slaughter of Peasantry, Sacrilegious Robbery, Revolution from Authority. New Book Tells Real Story

Pewsitter, Andrew Parrish: The commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation this year, and Pope Francis’ impending ecumenical visit to Sweden, has reignited interest in the life and work of the ex-Augustinian monk Martin Luther (1483-1546). The details of Luther’s life are not widely publicized, but many embarrassing aspects of his character were recorded in detail by his contemporaries. In light of various members of the Catholic hierarchy recently seeming to embrace Martin Luther himself, in word and action, the truth about who Martin Luther was and what he thought of the Church should be an important element of the discussion. Fortunately, The Truth about Luther, just published, has been provided by Lutheran scholar and Italian historian Angela Pellicciari. Pellicciari met with Spanish newspaper Alfa y Omega to discuss this new book; the interview is reproduced here in English. Read full interview here.