Margaret Sanger’s 1922 China Mission: Birth Control, Abortion, Even Infanticide

National Catholic Register, Matthew Archbald: In the end, it’s difficult to calculate the impact Sanger had on the ensuing horrific record of eugenics employed by the Chinese government but at least one birth control advocate in China, Zhang Jingsheng, jealously wrote at the time that her impact was highly significant.

Back then I attempted to promote methods of population control widely, but received nothing but curses and abuses from society. Within less than a year [in 1922] Mrs. Sanger from the United States came to China and promoted exactly the same ideas, and the newspapers, which lambasted me, suddenly welcomed Mrs. Sanger’s views. In fact, my theories were more profound than Mrs. Sanger’s. But I was insulted, and she was praised and enjoyed a great reputation. The reason for this difference was because Sanger was an American woman, and I was just a Chinaman!

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