Mass Schedule for Second Sunday of August, 2017, and the Feast of the Assumption

Sunday Mass on August 13 will be at 2:30 pm (one Mass only, a low Mass). Mass for the Feast of the Assumption will be at 2:30 pm on Tuesday, August 15. There will be no other weekday Masses this week.

We are working hard on securing a full-time priest for the rest of the month, so that our schedule may return to normal. (See our call for help here, and please send to any available priests you know!)

Update on the Canadian priest who is expected to occupy the full-time position as chaplain to our community: Father has been approved for this work by both his own bishop and ours. All the work has been done to obtain an R1 visa from the U.S. Government. Homeland Security informs us we should know something on or around September 11.

For subsequent changes to the Mass schedule, WE WILL UTILIZE THE PHONE TREE and CATHOLICISM.ORG to notify people. If you are not on the phone tree, please sign up on the list in the back of the chapel, send an email to, or contact us by phone: (603) 239-6485.