Matt Archbold’s 8 Rules for the Man Who Would Marry His Daughter

National Catholic Register; My oldest girl just entered her teens, so I still have some time. However, lately I have been giving some thought to my requirements, yes requirements, for any young man that may one day seek her hand. It is never too soon to start planning.

He must be a Catholic. Period. Now I know that for many CINOs or C & E Catholics, intermarriage is no big deal. It is a big deal. The key to a successful marriage, which I define as a mutually supportive relationship that will assist the spouses and their children reaching heaven, is to have agreement on the fundamentals. To be a Catholic in today’s world is increasingly counter-cultural. Unless both spouses are on-board with what the Church teaches and its authority, you can expect nothing but strife. Any young man that seeks my daughter’s hand must be a Catholic through and through. How can you tell? The following rules assist with that. Read the rest here.

  • Tomas de Torquemada

    Fundamental and excellent requirements, though I would add that he should also be a fan of the Sweet Science.

    I was a bit taken aback when I first read the title (the limitations of the language). Eight rules for the man who would marry his daughter? I thought there was only one — don’t! Indeed, I at first thought that this was a salutary piece on Damon, the father and would-be husband of St. Dymphna!

  • Too funny! I read the headline the way it was intended, which at first made your response sound like you were prepared to block the advances of any prospective husband! I’m glad you’re not as cynical about the world as I initially thought! (Although, incestuous marriage might not be far off, if the ‘human right’ to marriage is taken to its logical conclusion.)

    The ‘Sweet Science’ of boxing? Tell us more! I would lean toward a more practical martial art, but obviously I’m missing something!

  • Tomas de Torquemada

    Oh, I’m pretty cynical, though I try to combine it with as much charm and wit as I can muster.

    Huge boxing fan over here. Not practical? The manly art of self-defense? Come now!

  • I’m by no means an expert. I was just repeating what I was told once: that it’s not the most practical means of self-defense in ‘real life’ situations; it’s a sport rather than a real art. Nothing wrong with sports, though. : )

  • Tomas de Torquemada

    No tough guy, no street fighter could take a pro boxer, whose hands are considered deadly weapons under the law.

  • But most of us will never be pro boxers. Getting a black belt seems more realistic. No?

  • Tomas de Torquemada

    Not necessarily. But nothing wrong with a black belt. I have a brown one myself, in judo.

  • Good man! Your family is blessed!

    I managed to eke out an orange belt in Aikido, and a yellow in karate before my joints started giving way to gravity! Now I consider myself a warrior if I dare to take a few steps without my cane!

  • kellyb804

    Does his daughter agree with these rules? Does his daughter get to have a say in who she marries?