Moral Subversive Politicians, Enemies of Life and Family, Guests for BFast and Mass at LA Cathedral

LA’s new Co-Adjutor Archbishop, José Gomez, celebrated the Mass. Our hopes for a Catholic change in Los Angeles are mightily crushed. It’s business as usual.

Ex-Governor, Attorney General Jerry Brown, “Catholic” champion of anti-Catholic agenda, was ecstatic: “It’s pretty energetic for being in a church,” Brown told the crowd, according to various press reports. “It’s great to be here. I like to be in the shadow of the cathedral. It gives me a little extra edge as we go forward.”

California Catholic Daily News: A rogues gallery of some of California’s most pro-abortion, pro-embryonic stem-cell research and pro-same-sex marriage politicians gathered to kick off their fall campaigns on Labor Day at, of all places, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles in Los Angeles. Read more, if you can, here.

  • Eugene R. De Lalla

    The “great” apostasy continues…

  • ED

    I think we have to wait Archbishop Gomez is not in charge yet and they dont like to step on others toes, though Cardinal Mahoney’s toes need to be stomped on. It’s America’s largest Archdiocese i hope he invites in the traditional orders to get some solid traditionalism going in Los Angeles.