Pakistan: Deranged Imam Calls for Hanging of Asia Bibi to Soothe Lynch Mob Vigilantes

Catholic Culture: An Islamic leader in Pakistan is calling for the prompt execution of Asia Bibi, claiming that the state’s failure to punish her alleged blasphemy is the cause of the lynching of another man accused of blasphemy. More here with links.

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    I’m trying to understand why the Bishop of Rome has been silent on this. I don’t believe he has EVER spoken in support or defense of Asia Bibi. His “meeting” with her family was not a meeting at all, simply a handshake or two in the “crowd” that seems to follow the BoR. Certainly on one of his many chats when he travels he could have made SOME mention of this poor woman.

    In my own family, had one of us children been picking on or rude to another, all my daddy would have needed to do was speak and the mischief would have stopped. Should it not be the same in our Catholic family–the Holy Father speaks up and the mischief stops? Of does the Holy Father not have the same authority spiritually that my own father had naturally?

    My family and I are praying–and have been praying–for Asia Bibi for years. Thank you, Mr. Kelly, for keeping us up to date on this very sad situation.