Pius X’s Invitation to the Orthodox to Return to Church of Rome ‘the Port of Salvation’

The Remnant, posted by Michael Matt:

Venerable Brethren, Health and Apostolic Benediction,

It would be hard to say how much has been done by holy men from the closing years of the ninth century, when the nations of the East began to be snatched from the unity of the Catholic Church, in order that our separated brethren might be restored to her bosom. Beyond all others the Supreme Pontiffs, our predecessors, in fulfillment of their duty of protecting the faith and ecclesiastical unity, left nothing undone, by fatherly dissidence which brought bitter grief to the West, but to the East gave loss. The witnesses of this, to mention but a few among many, are Gregory IX, Innocent IV, Clement IV, Gregory X, Eugenius IV, Gregory XIII, and Benedict XIV. (1)  Full Letter is here.

  • Raymond B. Marcin

    Saint Pius X’s invitation made sense when the Church that he led was truly Catholic, in the sense of being vehemently opposed to the Modernist heresy that has infected the Church (at its highest level) ever since the aftermath of the Vatican II Council. Rather than invite all Orthodox Christians to entrust themselves to the bosom of the current post-Vatican-II Modernist brand of Catholicism, I’d suggest that we first invite all of today’s Catholics (form the highest to the lowest level) to re-entrust themselves to the eternally true Catholicism of Saint Pius X’s day.