Planned Parenthood Received 553.7 Million in Funding in Last Fiscal Report

So, my question is: What about the Hyde Amendment?  Being that so-called “health care” services have been rapidly declining at PP Clinics (see article below), notably prenatal screening and “family planning” (i.e. contraception and abortifacient distribution), where is this money going? PP does not even do mammograms. I assume that PP cannot list abortions as part of their allocation of funds, as that would be illegal under the Hyde Amendment. Nevertheless, PP mega-complex abortion mills are being built with federal money in many metropolitan areas where the murder of preborn babies is for PP a lucrative business.  Perhaps someone can offer some basic information in our comment box. The following article provides much information, but does not explain how PP bypasses the Hyde Amendment.

LifeNews; Planned Parenthood does receive government money – a LOT of government money. In its most recent annual report, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) said it received $553.7 million – that’s over half a billion dollars – in “government health services grants & reimbursements” in fiscal year ending 6/30/15. That represents 43% of the group’s $1.3 billion revenues. Full report is here.