Prayer Need: Asia Bibi’s Final Appeal May Be in October

Before seeing this post today, I offered my commemoration at Mass for Asia Bibi, whom I have neglected to pray for regularly. She, and her family, are devout Catholics. Let us pray for Asia Bibi’s release from prison and her safety. And also pray for the safety of her family’s counselor Joseph Nadeem.

Vatican Insider: Asia Bibi’s case will, in all likelihood, be reviewed by Pakistan’s Supreme Court in October. Vatican Inside received confirmation of this from Joseph Nadeem, who is providing the woman’s family with legal assistance and is head of the Renaissance Education Foundation, the organisation that is taking care of her children’s education and currently providing her husband, Ashiq Masih with accommodation. Asia Bibi was convicted of blasphemy in November 2010 and the verdict confirmed four years later by the Lahore High Court. Asia is currently waiting for the third and final stage of her trial to take place. At the end of this hearing, the woman will either be given back her freedom or definitively condemned to death. Read more here.