Priest(s) Needed for Summer

This call for help will also serve as an update on our ‘priest situation’ to friends and benefactors. There is a fine Canadian priest who is most desirous of filling the full-time position as chaplain to our community. He has been approved for this work by both his own bishop and ours. But right now, as he awaits an R1 visa from the U.S. Government, Father is nearing the legal limit of his stay in the United States.

Hence this call for help.

We anticipate that the visa will be granted sometime in September or October. Therefore, we are making known our need for a priest to serve here between now and then. If more than one priest is available for smaller increments of that time, that could work, too.

‘Job Description’

Here in southern New Hampshire are a small group of religious brothers, sisters, and traditional Catholic lay faithful (200+ on Sundays). We have a small school, too, and do some publishing, such as this web site.

Interested priests who are able to offer the traditional Latin Mass are asked to call or send inquiries to Brother André Marie:

  • Email: bam [at] catholicism [dot] org
  • Phone: 603-239-6485, Ext. 7

Where are we on a map? Here:

Here is a video on our school:

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Father: Can you fill this picture?

  • A.T.

    Do you accept Thuc Line or SSPX priests?
    If so respond,I could help you.