Pro-Medjugorje Cardinal Permits ‘Really Impressive’ Active Homosexual to Serve on Parish Council

Catholic Culture: Overruling one of his parish priests, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna has permitted a homosexual in a registered domestic partnership to serve on a parish council. Read more here.

  • John

    The place in Hell for Cardinal Schonborn is beyond imagination.  This guy is far worse than an abortionist like George Tiller.  He really believes he is going to be the next pope.  Woe unto us. Woe unto him.

    I read recently in Father Arminjon’s book, “THE END of the Present World…”  How the damned are stripped of any remains of Theological virtues.  Not much stripping would need to be done to Christopher Schonborn if he died today.

    A dramatic conversion or  a hasty death needs to be the proper make up of a prayer of the Faithful for such a miserable soul.