The Ramones: Junk Music But a Donor Put the Four Deceased Brothers on Perpetual Mass List at Holy Apostles CT

I got this off of New Advent website linking to an article at Atlas Obscura by Ciara Giaimo on “weird” things found in the Rockn’Roll Hall of Fame archives.

What’s the weirdest thing in the archives overall?

I tossed this one to Anastasia Karel, the archivist and assistant curator. She suggested “Perpetual Mass Cards for the Ramones.” The catalog description says it all: “The Perpetual Mass Cards for the Ramones contain a card for each member of the original Ramones: Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny, and Tommy. The cards were requested by donor Robert Murray in order that the Ramones would ‘share in the daily Masses, Prayers, and Works’ of the Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut.”