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The Saint Augustine Institute of Wisdom* (SAI) is the educational division of Saint Benedict Center. The Institute provides well-rounded and conveniently simple courses of instruction in Catholic thought.

The course will have the aspect of continued adult education: Catholic men and women, in any ordinary occupation in life, increasing their knowledge of the Faith, and of things pertaining to it.

Whether you want to fill in some gaps in your education or want to complete your SAI Diploma, we have the courses that will not only help but inspire and make you a more complete and well-equipped Catholic.

What is SAI like? See for yourself! The links below contain the Syllabus of studies and a free sample class complete with study notes and a quiz.

If you would like more information on furthering your education contact Sister Maria Philomena

Once you finish watching the free class, try your knowledge with this quiz:

Click here to VIEW full size, DOWNLOAD as PDF file, and/or PRINT.

Do you want to learn more about the topics covered? Below is a handy reference sheet with links for more information:

We have provided the outline below to help organize the information contained in the free class.

The learning doesn’t stop here! Below is a syllabus of the Saint Augustine Institute.

*In compliance with Canon 216 of the Code of Canon Law, we have changed the name of the “Saint Augustine Institute of Catholic Studies” to the “Saint Augustine Institute of Wisdom.” During our Baptisms, we each received a pinch of salt as a “sign of wisdom.” The new title of our institute reflects our desire to seek after wisdom, particularly the Eternal Wisdom, Jesus Christ – as well as respect for Brother Francis, whose lectures are a sure source of Catholic wisdom.


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