Saint Audrey (Etheldreda) (679)

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Saint Audrey was an East Anglian princess, and later a queen. Driven to do so by her parents, she first married a prince named Tonbert. Three years after their marriage, he died. He had permitted her to keep perfectly preserved her virginity. Later, she was forced to marry a powerful king from Northumberland, named Egfrid. After twelve years of married life, still preserving her virginal purity, she was permitted, with her husband’s consent, to become a nun. She founded a monastery on the Island of Ely. Three of her sisters are saints: Saint Sexburga, Saint Withburga and Saint Ethelburga. The great Saint Wilfrid was one of her spiritual advisers and protectors. Saint Audrey for centuries was one of the most loved and venerated saints England ever had. She was not quite fifty years old when she died. Her precious body is still incorrupt.

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