Saint Bonaventure (1274)

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He was a Franciscan who died when he was fifty three years old. His name in Baptism was John (Giovanni), and his last name was Fidanza. The name Bonaventure, which means good fortune, was given to him by Saint Francis of Assisi, who cured him of a serious illness when he was a small child. Many believe that Saint Bonaventure was the little boy taking the place of Jesus, put in the first Christmas crib built by Saint Francis of Assisi in 1223, and that he was two years old when he portrayed Baby Jesus. When Saint Bonaventure was twenty years old he became a Franciscan. Later, he was created cardinal-bishop of Albano. He was a great friend of the Dominican, Saint Thomas Aquinas. Saint Thomas Aquinas is known as the Angelic Doctor. Saint Bonaventure is called the Seraphic Doctor. Saint Bonaventure says of the Blessed Virgin that when she saw the love of the Eternal Father toward men to be so great that He willed the death of His Son to redeem and save us, she united her will to His, and made an entire offering and consent to the death of her Divine Son on the Cross, that we might be saved. Thus did the Our Father and the Hail Mary blend together in the mind of this noble Doctor of the Church, Saint Bonaventure.

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