Saint Paulinus of Nola (431)

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Saint Paulinus was born at Bordeaux, in France, of one of its noblest and wealthiest families. He was appointed, by the Roman Emperor, Prefect of all France. He was an orator and a poet. In rank, he finally became a Roman senator, and then Prefect of Rome. He married a Catholic Spanish girl named Therasia. She brought him into the Catholic Church. Paulinus was baptized when he was thirty-one years old. The only child of Paulinus and Therasia died in infancy. After this they both consecrated themselves to God. Therasia sold all her possessions, gave them to the poor, and became a nun. And Paulinus, under the direction of Saint Ambrose of Milan, and under the inspiration of Saint Felix, the martyred Bishop of Nola, was raised to Holy Orders and elected the Bishop of Nola. He was renowned through all Italy and France and Spain for his sanctity. He said he was “glad to sell earth so as to buy Heaven.” Saint Ambrose, Saint Augustine, Saint Jerome and Saint Gregory, the four Great Western Doctors of the Church, were all ardent admirers of Saint Paulinus, and all wrote much in his praise.

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