Salesian ‘Angel of the Lepers’ Dies at 102

AsiaNews: In a remote corner of Coloane Island (Macau), there was a leper colony abandoned by everyone. The despair was such that some, among the hundreds of lepers present there, killed themselves. In August 1963, Fr. Gaetano Nicosia asked to be allowed to move right there, transforming the colony in a very short space of time. The houses were refurbished, drinking water and electricity supplied and medical care offered. A farm and workshop for various trades were also built. Work was paid. A village council was established to reach consensus on decisions. Father Gaetano lived with them, bringing dignity, well-being and health. And the Christian faith. “It was hell,” said a leper, “it is now a heaven; Fr. Gaetano is our angel.” His story is here.