Serious Sin and Atonement Through the Mercy of Christ

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This is a very compelling confession that should strike a cord with most of us, if not all of us in some degree. It is meant to move us to more gratitude to our Healer, if we have committed the more shameful mortal sins, the sins we don’t “joke” about, the forgiven sins we cannot forget but bury in our hearts and in the wounds of Christ. It is also, more importantly, a call for conversion and trust in the infinite mercy of God. Here is Rebecca Hamilton’s article in Patheos.

Eve Tushnet and a friend went to see a presentation at the Jewish Community Center in Washington, DC. The presentation was designed to prepare people for the High Holy Days.

Since the High Holy Days are about repentance, it tracks that the presentation was on atonement. However, Eve finished the evening more bemused that enlightened. As she put it,

All of the stories were interesting and for the most part well-told–but literally none of them followed the form I was most hoping for: “I sinned, I realized I was wrong, and I made amends, here’s how.” Read full article here.


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