‘Simply a Scandal’: Says Cardinal Burke

LifeSiteNews: Cardinal Raymond Burke said it’s “simply a scandal” that pro-abortion and pro-contraception population control activist Paul Ehrlich was given a platform at a recent Vatican conference.

Burke was speaking on Friday to a standing room only crowd at St. Raymond of Peñafort Catholic Church as part of its distinguished speaker series. He fielded questions at the end of his talk.

He was asked about how “Paul Ehrlich, a great defender of abortion and a sworn enemy of the Church, was recently given a platform at a Vatican conference.” Ehrlich’s speech has caused confusion and has Catholics wondering what’s going on in the Vatican, the questioner said.

“It’s simply a scandal,” said Burke. “I’m scandalized by it and I don’t see how any good Catholic wouldn’t be scandalized by that. I don’t understand it.” More here.