‘Stay Focused’ Says Lutheran Leader, Lutherans Must Be Lutheran

Catholic Culture: The general secretary of the Lutheran World Federation called upon Lutherans around the world to remain focused on Martin Luther’s teaching of salvation through faith alone during 2017, the 500th anniversary year of the Protestant Reformation. More here.

  • Warren

    I stand with Catholic Church teaching on Justification.
    Liberal theologians of our day keep on saying that all you need to do to be
    saved is to be justified, and you can be justified without the waters of Redemption
    which the Babe of Bethlehem was born to bring. Fr Leonard Feeney.

    We are justified by the water of regeneration and faith inspired of the Holy Ghost.
    Council of Trent 6:4.
    Jesus saves us by the water of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Ghost. Titus

  • M.

    Am I understanding that Lutherans do not want to become “blended Catholics”, all in the name of ecumenism? I wonder why there is such a push to have Catholics become “blended Lutherans”, then? But who am I to judge?

  • At least they admit, if only implicitly, that their ‘church’ and its ministers are useless.