Student May Get Class Credit for Desecrating Crosses

No apologies have been issued for this outrageous crime, neither from Western Kentucky University nor from the campus police who did nothing to stop the vandalism. Here is part of the report from LifeNews:

Kristina Arnold, the art professor of the student who placed the condoms on the crosses, has come out stating that she has no problem with the cross desecration, considers it a learning process, and may give the student class credit.  WKU’s President thinks the issue is settled but there have been no apologies issued. Does the President,  support Professor Arnold’s statement? Additionally, the student was armed with enough condoms to cover all the crosses, 3,700 of them. Who paid for the condoms – were they obtained from the student health center or a nearby abortion clinic?  Did the school help pay for these “art” supplies? Read more here.