Surgeon Convinced Renowned Father Was Wrong in Pioneering Flouridation

WND Lee Hieb, M.D.: A few weeks ago I wrote an article on bioweapons and particularly my fears about smallpox. For me, a terrorist release of smallpox is the most terrifying prospect that should keep every legislator, scientist and attentive citizen awake at night.

But, interestingly, in the comments after the article, the back and forth devolved into a discussion of fluoride in our water. Fluoride? Really?

When I’m talking about an egg-full of virus with the potential of killing 60 percent of the world’s population … well, the answer is yes, fluoride. As it turns out, the readers were paying attention more than I or any member of organized (read: regimented) medicine about the dangers of fluoridation. Read full article here.

  • Fluoridation Opposition is Scientific,Respectable & Growing

    More than 4,500 professionals (including 343 dentists and 538 MD’s) urge that fluoridation be stopped because fluoridation is ineffective and harmful. See statement:

    Fluoridation is an “unacceptable risk,” says Public Health Professor Niyi Awofeso in the
    Journal Public Health Ethics, August 2012.He writes, “There is insufficient ethical justification for artificial water fluoridation.

    Awofeso concludes: “It would appear that the effectiveness of artificial water fluoridation in the 21st
    century is at best questionable, given its fixed-dose medication approach,
    quality of fluoride used and its adverse impact on calcium metabolism and
    largely insignificant differences in dental caries experience between areas
    with artificial water fluoridation and those without.”