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Homosexual Activists Upset NY Giants Hiring Pro-Family Football Great David Tyree

The thought police are at it again. Horror of horrors, David Tyree once said that he would trade in his super bowl ring if that would stop same-sex ‘marriage.’ I wonder how many other pro football players would say the same thing even if they do not have a ring. Hey, Peyton and Eli, where are you? Stand up for David Tyree. And all you other … More →

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Former NY Giant Great Speaks Out Against Homosexual Agenda and For Marriage

I was stunned to read that the Giant’s Mark Strahan was pushing for same-sex “marriage.”  In fact, this is what prompted David Tyree to speak out and give his support for the National Association for Marriage. Catholic OnLine: As an athlete, Tyree’s catch in the closing seconds of Super Bowl XLII, pivotal to his team’s victory was the undeniable highpoint of his sports career. Since … More →

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