TALK TO US! Site Redesign: We Want Your Ideas

We are currently talking to our site designer about a total site redesign for The new site will be wider, mobile friendly, as well as graphically more attractive and faster.

What would you like to see on the new version of We’re all ears — or all eyes. Let us know in the comments, below.

If you’re seeing this on social media, PLEASE put your comments here, not on Facebook, etc. Our designer is not going to see them there.


  • Scott

    Wonderful! My only suggestion would be to get rid of the twitter widget. I think it being at the top of every page is a little annoying.

  • data_file_7

    I really like the design of

  • Alyosha Karamazov

    That’s funny. That feature is one of my favorites on the site.

  • Bob

    The website is already head and shoulders over many others. But, the first question is why change? What’s motivating a redesign? Why solicit feedback at all? “[W]ider, mobile friendly, as well as graphically more attractive and faster” is offered above. Wider than what? I have already seen better graphics in the last year or so. Faster? Does changing the design of the website make it faster? Are we losing readership? From what I have heard the readership keeps increasing. I think the content is the chief reason for the probably increase and I applaud all the daily work that goes into the website. If cost is a factor, I would stay with what you have.

    Here are some details.

    The website is too busy.
    I do not like the huge banner on top. I think it takes up too much room on the page.
    I like to look at the Saint of the Day, but now it is under the fold, so to speak.
    There are problems with some searches. I have pointed this out in separate emails.
    Dead links are unavoidable, after a time, but some attention should be given to correcting them.
    The latest articles, news headlines and the like are fine, but I would put the captions “More News” and “More Columns” somewhere near the bottom of the page as the area they take up premium space IMHO.

    In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

  • Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, the design does effect the speed. It’s a matter of the coding. Another motivation is that a five-year-old website is “old” (believe it or not), and features get messed up because they are no longer compatible with the software running the site.

    Aside from that, a site that is not mobile friendly means it will not display properly on mobile devices (smart phones, tablets) is hamstrung by virtue of that alone. More and more of the Internet market is comprised of mobile devices.

    There are other reasons, but this is going long…

  • Eva Marie Betts

    A crucifix with the bloodiest corpus possible. This is the reality of our faith: the passion and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. (Unless of course you want to cater to the “happy clappy Mass people)

  • jjackdt

    Well, I’ve been pondering this, & promised Br. Andre Marie I’d provide input. However, ‘the perfect is the enemy of the good’, so with time being a consideration, I will submit my thoughts as bullets. Br. A.M. knows how to contact me if clarification is desired.

    Menus- use same menu format for all internal links (now, mass times @ top, others along menu bar)
    News pertaining to SBC should be prominent- changes in times, etc., front page, highlighted
    Chronicles area is baffling, unclear on content
    Change menu titles to more intuitive as to content, i.e. use further reading, history of saints, etc.
    General cleanup- too busy on front page- use bulleted menus?
    Area for questions/comments
    I’d like a ‘ask a trad’ area/column
    Home menu should be the start point for all internal searches
    Be cool to see pictures/events of daily work/life at the SBC; it’s not ALL ora et labora!
    A regularly updated area for saints of the day, upcoming feast days, & associated info (like Br. A.M. does on FB)
    The Mrs. notes that she has trouble finding what she’s looking for on the site.

    My apologies for the train of thought comments; I hope they will be of some use.

    Pax Christi!


  • Thank you, Jack. You make some very good observations and suggestions. I’ll make sure that our web designer sees this comment, and I’ll put some thought into some of the suggestions myself. We’ve already planned to minimize the “clutter” and simplify the menus/navigation. The current thinking is to replace the too-complicated navigation pulldowns with a few key links at the top, but most of the navigation in the footer, somewhat like Politico’s footer:

    (And we promise not to adopt Politico’s ideology!)

  • I like the choice of blue and gold very much. I also like the font, the banner, and the spacing of the various lists (by which I mean I appreciate that there’s enough space around them to make the page easy on the eyes). The drop-down lists at the top are a bit confusing, as I think someone else pointed out.

    The image of the Immaculate Heart on this site has always bothered me. The Heart looks like it’s made of plastic or something inhuman. I think an easy way to fix it might be to simply make it one-dimensional.

    Thanks for your attention.

  • Thank you Astrid, you loyal long-time reader! I’ll make sure our designer sees your comments. You make good observations.

  • Would it be possible to somehow make it as mobile-friendly as, say,

  • I’ll look into what that means. I see RT, but never on a mobile device. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Maybe it just means having a mobile version. I use Firefox, which allows that choice, but this SBC site appears exactly the same in either version – desktop, or mobile (at least on the iphone I use).

  • Thanks, Astrid. Not to be too techie about it (since I can’t anyway!), but there are different ways of accommodating mobile devices. One is to have a separate mobile template that displays everything differently for mobile devices. Another is to have a template that is “flexible” enough to accommodate desktops/laptops and also mobile devices. The latter is what we’re working on.

  • There’s a very helpful ‘Reader View’ option on this page

  • That’s on Firefox, and that option only seems to be missing from the home page.

  • I wonder if that widget is what uses so much data. Something on this site certainly seems to.

    Brother André, might you know why my phone seems to use about 10 mb per page here?

  • Sorry, Astrid. The new site was supposed to be up by Christmas. Our site designer had some serious family medical issues that slowed things down. In a week’s time, the new site should be up and running.

  • No need to apologize, of course, but thanks for your reply. If, as you’ve said, most readers are tending to use mobile devices, then the less data consumed, the better. I have images blocked and everything. Well, looking forward to the new site!