The Church in Crisis: Diaspora in Germany


The following insightful article by Markus Günther was translated by Maike Hickson.

Is Germany a Christian country? It depends. On paper, the churches are still binding millions of people. But their influence is small in the lives of the individual person. From out of the late times of Christianity.

In the night from the 13th to the 14th of December [1964] – nearly fifty years ago to the day – a student with the name of Franz was wandering through the streets of Münster. He was not able to sleep. Too much aroused was he by a homily he had just heard in the early evening at the Cathedral, presented by a young priest and professor only a few years older than himself and who had interpreted Advent and Christmas in a completely new, yes an even revolutionary way: the young theologian said that the old teaching, according to which human history separates itself into the time of darkness and into the time of light – that is to say, the time before and after Christ’s birth – really cannot be taken seriously anymore today. Full article is here.