The New Church of the ‘Inviolable Conscience’

Quotes from Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich’s Synodal Press Releases: “I think we have to make sure that we don’t pigeonhole one group as though they’re not part of the human family, so there’s a different set of rules for them.”

“In Chicago I visit regularly with people who feel marginalized, whether they’re elderly or the divorced and remarried, gay and lesbian individuals, also couples,” Cupich said at the briefing. “We need to get to know what their life is like if we’re going to accompany them.” Accompany them? To where? How about giving them the truth in true charity and respect their being manly enough to embrace a challenge? The Challenge of Faith! That would be helping them to have an informed conscience.

“I try to help people along the way. And people come to a decision in good conscience,” he said about personally counseling Catholics.

“Then our job with the church is to help them move forward and respect that,” he said. “The conscience is inviolable. And we have to respect that when they make decisions, and I’ve always done that.”

Chicago Tribune: Amid reports of drama, division and deadlock among Roman Catholic bishops meeting in Rome, a delegate emerged from the closed-door meetings Friday to deliver a message of hope for many in the flock: The church will find new ways to offer help for families. That messenger was Chicago’s own Archbishop Blase Cupich. Full report is here.

  • tomsyseskey

    “The chickens have come home to roost”: The application of the Vatican II DECLARATION ON RELIGIOUS FREEDOM “DIGNITATIS HUMANAE” ON THE RIGHT OF THE PERSON AND OF COMMUNITIES TO SOCIAL AND CIVIL FREEDOM IN MATTERS RELIGIOUS within the Church; a point raised by the late William F. Buckley, Jr., in National Review regarding assent to the teaching of Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae (or rather the “freedom” to dissent from it within the Church, based on the principles of Dignitatis Humanae applied to the Church)

    I remember reading about it in NR but forget whether WFBJr. advocated it or merely noted it, and I cannot yet find any online reference to it.