The OFFICIAL Graphic for the Pope’s American Visit (SBC Version)

The media in the US have been scrambling for “papal” and “Catholic” news stories in the lead-in to Pope Francis’ American visit (September 22 – 27).

With headlines like “Conservative dissent is brewing inside the Vatican” and “As Pope visit nears, U.S. Catholic Church faces financial strain,” the press is telling us all about Catholic, and specifically “American Catholic” things (the American Cardinal Burke figures prominently in that first headline, from WaPo). In the weeks to come, we will probably be treated to human interest stories on what the Holy Father will be eating, and who got to snap selfies with the Vicar of Christ. Local papers will interview people who traveled from hither and yon to get a glance of the First Pope from the Americas™. It will all be great fun.

As a serious contribution to the online cacophonous buzz, we offer the following graphic, which I asked our graphic designer to make for us:

Feel free to share it on social networks. On Twitter and Facebook, the following hashtags should be used: #PopeFrancis#PopeInDC#PopeInPhilly#PopeinUSA, and #PopeinNY.

And see where the custom URL in the graphic takes you:


  • Beatrice

    the website for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops States, “In Catholic teaching the church and braces all its members not only those still living on earth, but also those in heaven or purgatory. The ancient teaching, that outside the church there is no salvation, has been officially nuanced in church teachings to include many who do not explicitly embrace the church and all its teachings, or even many who join no Christian religion. The teaching affirms the central role and responsibility of the church to reach out to all people with the Gospel message while acknowledging that those who have not been apprised you’re convinced of that message may still be saved if they live upright lives in accord with their own convictions and understanding of God. Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the gospel of Christ or his Church, but who never the last seek God with a sincere heart and moved by grace, try in their actions to do His will as they know it through the dictates of their conscience those to make acheive eternal salvation.”

  • Does it? If so, that’s a problem because it’s very confusing and heretical.

  • Just wondering

    Does it also include the grammar, syntax and spelling errors found in Beatrice’s comment? That is even more appalling than the heresies in it.

  • Alyosha Karamazov

    Now, Brother! We all know that the USCCB web site is an organ of the infallible extraordinary Magisterium of Holy Mother Church! Even the HTML code, CMS, and PHP are free from all error. Please conform.

  • Garret Kade Dupré

    What does analogia fidei mean? Google says “The rule of faith” but I still don’t get it!

  • Garret Kade Dupré

    «!– Except the comments, which are merely pastoral in character. –»

  • Garret: Sorry for the delay. We were on Pilgrimage and are only now getting into the swing of things. Here is a good definition: