‘The Parable of the Vinegar’

No book is perfect. One will always find a typo or two, or even three sometimes. But this book of which I speak is the Bible, albeit the King James version, published in 1717, the same year as modern Freemasonry was founded in the establishment of the Grand Lodge in London. This particular edition of the King Jame’s Bible, which was published by John Baskett, has so many errors and typos, that it became known as the “Vinegar Bible”, due to the subtitle provided in the above heading for chapter 21 of Matthew.  It apparently became a status symbol for the rich to have a copy of this Baskett edition. Well, the brief story of the “Vinegar Bible,” as Kathy Schiffer relates it, is certainly humorous. It just goes to prove what can happen when you put the Bible above the Church.

Seasons of Grace, Kathy Schiffer: I’d never heard of the Vinegar Bible before today. It was Glenn Beck who brought it to my attention, talking about it in a recent interview on “style over substance” which was carried on his website The Blaze. More here.